Above and Beyond it all

Cover Your Eyes


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From here on out I`m only interested in whats real, REAL people, REAL feelings. Thats it, thats all I`m interested in....from here on out.

"Cuz it`s a bittersweet symphony this life, Trying to make ends meet, trying to find some money then you die." ~The Verve~

"The lightning carries my breath as it sinks my heart. If it ever stopped striking I could easily fall apart."

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THere She staNds`````HigheR than Heaven yet Deep unDErGrouNd```````Lost anD tHeN foUnd````Fragile````shE`S Out oF BOunD`````Growing mORe mysTeriOus```GRasPinG fOR aiR````RuNNIng THe RIDE in hER HEad````LIkE A chiLD In dISPARe```HEArt sliCed anD dicED````FOr nO ReASOn aT All````shE`s LOst aLl feelinG```shE No LONger stANdS TAll`````BReaKIng thE BounDRies````crYing iN hER HanDs````NEVer thOUght she wOulD Be toucheD LikE THis```sHE Has yET One deMand.....tO Be forGiveN.

Green grass thick with dew drops stretched forever
Mountains closing in just around the river
Wild horses living it up
in the one place they love to grow up
The nearing storm making its appearence
Lighting up the eyes of the deer by the fence
Firefly`s sparking up heatfilled air
Waterfall mist bathing a baby bear
Beautiful nature frozen in place
Growing up from roots of an unknown place
Untouchable land forever and ever
Keep walking with me, it only gets better....


You told me i`m not alone
You lift me up
talk like life is alright
You look in my eyes without being here
Your steady
and secure
it`s unfair
Eating me alive
Life eats me alive
Like an awful dream pulling me aside
Telling me i`m stuck and i can`t escape
or even fate
Comparing you to everything else
Your you
Your True
Your special
and i love you
Heaven has held you forever it seems
While i watch from a far
in dreams
How pleaseant you are
Like the brightest star
The neverending light
cuts me
leaving a scar
I fear i just might lose
Giving up is the hardest thing to do
I close my eyes
and wait to hear you sing..
so i can sleep forever..
Fly me away...use those angel wings.


My soul has been put to sleep
my thoughts aren`t what they use to be
hope,what`s that mean?
i no longer know the word
where is that feeling i felt just a week ago?
oh thats right it`s been taken away
i`m alone again just how i like it
nobody near me
what do i care?
i don`t need conversation
i don`t need words
words are only used to control me
who needs arms to hold them close?
who wants someone to feel?
not me
certainly not me
i use to feel emotion like no other
i use to see things only you could dream of
everything was beautiful
but who needs that feeling anyway
who wants to feel emotion?
not me
certainly not me
they told me to move on
they told me to find someone closer
i told them i didn`t have the choice of finding her
i told them she found me
love found me
it`s not something you can look for
it`s something that just finds you
just bad timing sometimes
but then again who needs love
who wants to fall in love?
not me
certainly not me
passion was once my best friend
yea we got along well
we could feel everything together
we melted together like the sunset sinking into the earth
we always new how to make eachother smile
too bad passion has left me
kinda like everyone else
but who needs passion
who wants to feel passion?
not me
nope not me
sure it was the best day of my life
she cut me off in mid sentence just for a kiss
cought me offguard and she didn`t miss
she may have just saved my life for a day
too bad she isn`t here with me today
but then again who cares right?
who wants her back?
i`ll tell you who
i certainly do.

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Freak of Nature

Today I chose to smile
on any other day it would take a while
but today I just had that certain style
baby see me as I am and I`ll walk the mile
a gental freak of nature thats what they call me
I live behind your eyes and I see what you see
the rain holds my visions so closely
I hold your hand but you don`t know me
creative as I am I feel the breeze on your face
hold me if you will I like your sence of taste
to feel your warmth in my cold embrace
is to live and love with such pleasureable grace
let me carry your heavy weight
let me be your fearless soulmate
fly me out of what I create
the curve that I`v built is way to straight
I`v escaped inside of you
not bad for a careless fool
I`m no longer stuck in a wirlpool
now I can rest up here and maybe refuel
it must be your soul that I`m sinkin in
I looked at your style, so deadly, so thin
there is no other place I think I`d rather be
they call me freak of nature but I`m just happy being me.

"Sever that leash and release your freedom of speech, you just have to believe."



Beautiy is what lives within us
way down deep
showing us the wild world
the world beneith our feet
Beauty is the treasure
we all wish to seek
it`s one thing that gives us pleasure
with no beauty i`d be weak