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Above and Beyond it all
My Poetry

"I would give anything for something that means everything that is nothing."


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It`s like a drug
Forcing you to seek it
Making you believe it`s good for you
Taking over your thoughts
Controling you
Showing you illusions
Making up your mind for you
Giving you hope
Opening doors you never new exsisted
It takes you so high
It takes you so far
It brings you so close to death
Yet it saves your life

Its Amazing

climb inside, I dare you
walk around, I`ll scare you
never seem to thrill you
I just don`t want to lose you
trying to except me
trying to defeat me
trying to complete me
choose one and relieve me
tell me why you came here
why you wanna stay here
I will just complain here
never wanna lay here
look at me and see this
look at me and be this
try me and behold this
you will never know this
you I thought I`d die for
you I once would yern for
you I could have lied for
you I no longer cry for
hold my hand just once more
I`ll stay here if you want more
but please don`t think I fought for
your sympathetic turchore.

Its not you

Watch me as I move so smoothly
taste me as you try to embrace me
lying here I feel nothing
I`m trying to consider blushing
licking my lips with passion
thinking of my next mission
I`d rather be watching lightning
soon to be something frightning
coliding with something special
forcing myself to be greatful
washing my face with dirt
stripping down to desert
crossing paths with God
realizing its not so hard
continuing to find it all
no way I`ll take the fall
a creature of the night
a planet reflecting light
a goddess of forgivness
a beast of heart none less
its 2 am
your looking into my eyes
thinking your seeing through my disgise
it does nothing for me
I walk too freely
for you to see me
your stuck in time
your stuck and blind
please understand
your smooth like sand
your kisses are soothing
your thoughts are moving
but understand me
their is nothing your proving.

Underground thoughts are controling my mind
creeping up my weak little spine
they may say i am a worthless soul
I just choose to hold in what they don`t know
your so fucking spoiled
your mind is hard boiled
plain and simple you lost my respect
I really try to think that you have no effect
i turn away thinking, I can beat you
but only to realize that, that thought is untrue
you`ve got my world spinning
you`ve knocked me down hard
I`m fucking complaining you`ve takin this too far
my eyes are now burning
there filling up fast
I may be overheating
I think i`m an outcast
I`m hurting again
I`m lost once more
just finish me off
I`m so fucking sore
tell me when its over
all I see is blue
my world was once colorful
now i don`t know what to do
my heart pumps for me
my breath leaves softly
I`m understood wrongly
my visions are blurry
I`m ready to leave now
please take me away now
I need you now somehow
I`m standing here...alone
so fucking scared.

Close your eyes girl
I`ll clean up your torchered world
I`ll make you see love girl
I`ll set you free like a dove
I bet you never thought you could taste life so bitter
its okay love, it will get better
feel your way through the darkness
I`ll find you either way, and make you a princess
I`ll throw you a shooting star just so you can watch it
erase and rewind your mind and unwind it
feel free to jump into my world baby
it may not be happy, infact its crazy
but i`m here, and you can make it sane
make me believe I`m in no pain
create a life so wonderful with me
shit life`s so grand in your kingdom, your majesty
be my sweetest injection
afterall you are what they call perfection
as I look at your special ways
I remeber the old fashion days
when I was a child with not so many tears
and I could always run from all my fears
you take me through space
with oh so much grace
all the way through galaxies
baby can`t you see your my own mystery?
so I`ll sit here and stare at you look at the stars
I`ll watch your ways gently, I`ll watch you from far
I love how you close your eyes and feel all thats real
all i can hope is, maybe your heart I can steal

Don`t think just do it

Have you ever wanted someone you thought you could never have?
have you heard her voice over and over in your mind and just felt glad?
dose her smile have you cought up in time?
could you dodge reality and see it as no crime?
can`t you see her wanting you too?
don`t you know that she wants you?
why don`t you turn up the bass in this song thats made for you?
i know you think you don`t know what to do
well take my advise i`v done this before
i`m no stranger to love..infact its left me wanting more
walk right up there to her....thats right its all you now
there is no easy way to do this...don`t back out, i won`t allow
its building up deep inside of you, its filling up higher
the frustration and pain is drowning your desire
you have to do this, there is no other way
tell her your noticing her more every day
tell her your looking into space...your looking so high
just to watch her face build from the clouds in the sky
even the strange wind whispers her name
it spells out the word beautiful
and the wind told me that should be her name
tell her that her eyes are so bright they light the stars at night
i think you should talk to her, i think you just might
life is too short to fear love
so get on up there and take her above
take her so high, so high she might cry
show her the wold that you see in your eyes
thats right, you`ve` got it, nothing to fear
you already have too many tears
nothing to lose right? only something to gain
you have a chance to banish all of your pain
so do it baby, walk on up there and speak your mind
tell her when she speaks the planets perfectly aline
everything stops around you and only she has the abillity to reveal..
the most fragile thing she was able to steal....
your heart.

challenged me to a duel tonight
raised its fur
has frightened me for the last time I swear
has infected me once more
My eyes have stopped on you
I`m lost here tilting my head at you
I think i may have just died for you
if this is what dying feels like
then kill me forever
Amazing how you watch the moon
Astonishing how you see inside me
Couragous is how you make me feel
when you are showing me all your inner and outside beauty
My angel
thats what you are
My angel
watching me from a far
A mirical dropped down on earth to keep me sane
Your a dream wished upon a star
the fact that your perfect has but one fault
I don`t want to touch you or break you or hurt you
but if i have to
I`ll take care of you from here
Destiny isn`t letting me walk away
she says to hold on for a while
you shine down on me, you`ve made me a poet
look at that, your actually real
you have me falling
like water from a fauset
like a leave in the wind
that will eventually land
no telling when though
it floats for a while
waiting for that perfect spot to just give in
to gravity
challenged me to a duel tonight
raised its fur
has frightened me for the last time i swear
I`m giving in
you are steller.